UFS Games is the game developer that created BreakingLands.

Team of professionalsEdit

History of UFS Games dates back to 2011. Since then, our company has been involved in constant creative search,choosing the best from an infinite number of ideas and rejecting unpromising ones. At the same time the team of our studio was finally formed. Now there are about 30 employees in the company. They are all professionals and fans of their job. Our team, like a top-notch computer, consists of the best hardware. All staff members have a great experience in game-making, vivid passionate imagination and endless reserve of creative energy.

It is all about friendshipEdit

But the main thing that has always been the source of inspiration for us and has always stimulated us to create original ideas and new game projects is the spirit of friendship and unity, unique atmosphere of understanding and easy open communication. This is what sprang up on the basis of genuine love for the games that we share. This is what turns our routine work into holiday. And that’s what we’d like to share with you.

Our GoalsEdit

We are confident that games unite and bring people together. That’s why our team specializes in creating social games for mobile platforms. When creating new projects, we try to follow three ideas:

- Original gameplay and high quality product. We sharpen all aspects of our projects with the utmost care and thoroughness until we get absolutely filigree product, all aspects of which meet the highest standards. - A strong social component. Games should be a form of communication between people. We are not satisfied with the approach of the developers who descend to producing primitive social spam. Our projects are made for you to have a good time, but they also give you an opportunity to find friends for ages. Psychologists have long proved that emotions experienced together are much stronger and brighter! Psychologists have long proved that emotions experienced together are much stronger and brighter! Our goal is to create conditions for direct and open communication and to build strong links between players. - And, of course, humor. We do not want to be serious. We want to laugh, to joke and to fool around. However, this is the thing we do every day. So there’s no reason to be afraid of humor. We hope that our games will bring a smile on your face and evoke only good feelings in your soul.

UFS Games is a young and ambitious company. Our goals extend far beyond commercial frameworks. The cornerstone of our work is cultivation of spiritual and emotional communication between people. Our projects are full of optimism, joy and humor. They are the conductors of our ideas and our credo as well. Stay tuned and remember: in game one sees who his friend is!

Our GamesEdit

Сurrently we have one project BreakingLands.